Paula Carter

Paula Carter’s work has appeared in the Southern Humanities Review, New South, Broadsided Press, Quick Fiction, and Rhino among other journals. She holds an MFA in fiction from Indiana University and is currently working on a collection of short-short nonfiction essays.

May/June 2017

City Swarm

By Meggan Kehrli and Paula Carter

Out my second-story back window is a small plot of land, home to an old pine tree and a statue of the Madonna with paint chipping—my Jewish landlord’s attempt at […]

Aaron Hibbs Attempts to Break the World Record for Hula Hoop

By Paula Carter

Official hula hoop marathon rule number one: The record is for continuous revolution of a hula hoop. Aaron Hibbs works as a janitor. He grew up in Sandusky, Ohio, loves lasagna, studied etymology, and hula hoops. Sometimes for hours, sometimes until his legs swell up, sometimes until he can’t remember if he is shifting from right to left or left to right.