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Parker Tyler

Winter 1957

Lust for Lifelikeness

By Parker Tyler

Art in America—and above all movie art—tends to be the profession of champions, so it is of the first aptness that Kirk Douglas, whose dull performance as Van Gogh in […]

Summer 1954

Movie Note: The 3-D’s

By Parker Tyler

The received idea has long been that the movies, because of their photographic nature, tend to make “unreality,” the fictive premise, seem “real”; as a way of making the verbally […]

Spring 1947

Movie Letter

By Parker Tyler

The mechanization of Hollywood aesthetics continues at an undiminished rate of speed. All the movies of the past months firmly reassert the factory principle that the standard article is inexhaustibly […]

Fall 1945

Mr. Tyler’s Approach

By Parker Tyler

Sirs, In his review of my book, The Hollywood Hallucination, in the Summer issue Mr. Eric Russell Bentley briefly, but with crystalline lucidity, expressed the critical consensus of 80 percent […]