Photo of Nomi Stone and Leah Zani

Nomi Stone and Leah Zani

Nomi Stone, PhD, MFA, is an anthropologist and poet. Her second collection of poems, Kill Class, was published by Tupelo Press in 2019. Poems appear recently in POETRY, American Poetry Review, New Republic, Best American Poetry Tin House, New England Review, and elsewhere. Kill Class is based on two years of fieldwork she conducted within war trainings in mock Middle Eastern villages erected by the US military across America. Her ethnography Pinelandia: Human Technology and American Empire won the University of California Press’s Atelier prize and is forthcoming in 2020. Her ethnographic articles appear in Cultural Anthropology and American Ethnologist. She is an assistant professor of poetry at the University of Texas, Dallas.

Leah Zani, PhD, is an anthropologist and poet. Her articles and poems have appeared or will soon appear in American Anthropologist, Cultural Anthropology, Environmental Humanities, Platypus, Los Angeles Review of Books, Consequence Magazine, and Tikkun Magazine, among others. She has won two Ethnographic Poetry Prizes for her poems on explosives clearance. She further explores the concept of fieldpoetry in her forthcoming book Bomb Children: Life in the Former Battlefields of Laos (Duke University Press 2019). She is the poetry editor at Anthropology and Humanism, the journal of the Society for Humanistic Anthropology.