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Nadine Gordimer

South African writer and political activist Nadine Gordimer received numerous awards and honors during her career, among them the Booker Prize, the Rome Prize, and, in 1991, the Nobel Prize in Literature. We revisit here a relatively early story, first published in KR and later appearing in a 1965 collection of her short fiction, Not For Publication, and Other Stories.

Spring 1969

Livingstone’s Companions

By Nadine Gordimer

                                 For Carl Church, D. J. who knows In the house that afternoon the minister of foreign affairs was giving his report on the President’s visit to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. […]

Fall 1968

South Africa

By Nadine Gordimer

Why is it that while the death of the novel is good for post-mortem at least once a year, the short story lives on unmolested? It cannot be because—to borrow […]

Winter 1965

Vital Statistics

By Nadine Gordimer

Ismelda was one of the Catholic children the convent taught for nothing, making it up on the fees charged for non-Catholic pupils. Not all of the Catholics were free pupils, […]

Spring 1962

Message in a Bottle

By Nadine Gordimer

There are days when the world pauses, gets stuck, senselessly, like one of those machines that ought to give cigarettes or make balls bump round but simply becomes an object […]