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Martin Lebowitz

Spring 1989

Religious Immoralism

By Martin Lebowitz

Jung: A Biography by Gerhard Wehr. New York: Shambhala, 1987. 549 pages. $25.00. William James: His Life and Thought by Gerald E. Myers. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1986. 672 […]

Fall 1987

The Language of Chaos

By Martin Lebowitz

Fearful Symmetry: The Search for Beauty in Modern Physics by A. Zee. New York: Macmillan, 1986. 322 pages. $25.00. T.S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, and the Discourses of Difference by Michael […]

Winter 1970

Freud and Machiavelli

By Martin Lebowitz

Power by Adolph A. Berle. Harcourt, Brace and World, $10.00. Berle tells us: “Implaecably . . . The balance of twentieth-century currents undermines the possibility of concentrated power. Power exists, […]

Summer 1969

Stendhal’s Nominalism

By Martin Lebowitz

Stendhal: Fiction and the Themes of Freedom by Victor Brombert. Random House, $5.95. Stendhal: Notes on a Novelist by Robert M. Adams. Funk and Wagnalls, $5.95. Brombert concludes his brilliant […]

Fall 1968

Sources of Judgment

By Martin Lebowitz

Martin Lebowitz SOURCES OF JUDGMENT GEORGE SANTAYANA’S AMERICA: Essays on Literature and Culture. Collected and with an Introduction by James Ballowe. University of Illi- nois Press, $5.75. This volume is […]

Fall 1966

Theology or Camp?

By Martin Lebowitz

In Search Of Philosophic Understanding by E. A. Burtt. The New American Library, $5.75. Professor Burtt’s new volume is in effect an extensive and often profound discussion of the genetic […]

Spring 1965

Time and Anxiety

By Martin Lebowitz

MAN AND TIME by J.B. Priestley. Doubleday and Company, $14.95. Priestly’s approach in this book is to accept the validity of precognitive dreams as the basis for a theory of […]

Spring 1943

Thought and Sensibility

By Martin Lebowitz

The fact that sensibility is a function of intelligence has important implications. It is popularly, and not alone popularly, believed that thought and feeling are mutually opposed, that we employ […]