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Martin Green

Spring 1969

Only Half the Job

By Martin Green

The London Novels of Colin MacInnes. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $7.50. Nat Hentoff introduces this volume with remarks intended to show that Mr. MacInnes is not just a “documentator”— as […]

Spring 1964

A Sling against Goliath

By Martin Green

The Myth Of The Britannica by Harvey Einbinder. Grove Press. $7.50. This is much more than an attack on the Encyclopaedia Britannica. It is also a collection of anecdotes of […]

Autumn 1963

Science and Sensibility

By Martin Green

Martin Green SCIENCE AND SENSIBILITY Part I, SCIENCE FOR THE LAYMAN THE CONVULSED, CONTORTED HUMANIST, IMPALED ON THE AC- cusation of the two cultures, will come at last (if he […]

Fall 1959

British Decency

By Martin Green

The sky was inky grey, the gravel paths gleamed wet and brown, and the buildings were a smooth wet featureless buff color round the broad blank lawns; in the emptiness […]