Marco Wilkinson

Marco Wilkinson‘s work has appeared in DIAGRAM, Seneca Review, Kenyon Review Online, Terrain, Taproot and elsewhere. He teaches at Oberlin College and Lorain County Community College, and is managing editor at Oberlin College Press.

May/June 2016

Shepherd’s Purse

By Marco Wilkinson

Capsella bursa-pastoris, L. Shepherd’s purse, from the seedpods shaped like satchels, shaped like hearts So many as to be invisible in their plentitude, these tiny trodden cresses populate pastures and […]

Arctium Lappa

By Marco Wilkinson

I remember that my aunt’s backyard (the one where rows of corn and towers of tomatoes always grew in ordered abundance) when I was only three or four years old dropped off past the chain link fence, a precipitous cliff of fine sand molded by rains into colorless lava flows. And in the distance the half-constructed houses. The concrete foundations like swimming pools.