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Maija Rhee Devine

Maija Rhee Devine, a Korean-born writer whose fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in Michigan Quarterly Review, Boulevard, North American Review, and The Kenyon Review, and in various anthologies, holds a BA in English from Sogang University in Seoul and an MA in English from St. Louis University. Writing honors include an NEA grant, finalist in William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition, James Jones First Novel Fellowship, and Emily Dickinson Poetry Award, and nominations for Pushcart Prizes and O. Henry Awards.

Summer 2004

Chaste Berry

By Maija Rhee Devine

Out of the herbal libido suppressant her sister sends from Korea, Shi-hwa tries Chaste Berry. She pours the seeds into her palm from a white ceramic jar at the kitchen […]

Summer/Fall 1999

Crane’s Grace

By Maija Rhee Devine

Stifle your laughs, soften your smile by never showing your teeth. Breathe quietly, and keep your eyes turned toward your toes,” Mrs. Chong advised her daughter, Soo-yang, or Weeping Willow, […]