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Louis D. Rubin

Summer 1990

On the Cutting Edge

By Louis D. Rubin

The Kenyon Review. 1939-1970: A Critical History by Marian Janssen. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1989. 351 pages. $45.00. In its heyday during the 1940s and the early 1950s, […]

Winter 1969

Genial Scholar

By Louis D. Rubin

Regionalism and Beyond: Essays of Randall Stewart edited by George Core. Vanderbilt University Press, $6.95. There are various reasons for publishing collections of scholarly essays, and one of the best […]

Fall 1966

Wild about Harry

By Louis D. Rubin

Refractions: Essays in Comparative Literature by Harry Levin. Oxford University Press, $7.50. Harry Levin is one of the ablest and most consistently entertaining practitioners of literary criticism in business today. […]

Spring 1964

Well Worth the Saying

By Louis D. Rubin

Poetry And Fiction: Essays by Howard Nemerov. Rutgers University Press. $7.50. When Howard Nemerov’s most recent book of poems, The Next Room of the Dream, was published last year, one […]