Laurence Lieberman

Laurence Lieberman‘s recent books include Flight from the Mother Stone (University of Arkansas Press, 2000), The Regatta in the Skies: Selected Long Poems (University of Georgia Press, 1999), Compass of the Dying (University of Arkansas Press, 1998) and Beyond the Muse of Memory: Essays on Contemporary American Poets (University of Missouri Press, 1995).

Spring 2003

Crush into These Blakk Feet

By Laurence Lieberman

After the painting Altar for Jean-Michel Basquiat by Ras Akyem, 1995. 1.        Soaring at heart,    dream kin they may be—Akyem and Basquiat—       though the pair never met: Ras Akyem’s ALTAR […]

Summer/Fall 1997

Robbing the Queenies

By Laurence Lieberman

I Two senior        Grenada ladies and I, singly,       spring from adjacent circular stairwells       at once: three sea moles rising from our hull burrows     just moments after nightfall.      A sublimely pellucid […]

Winter 1996

The Marriage Furies

By Laurence Lieberman

  Randall Whyte's great granddad, a purebred Scotsman, sent his only son Zachary to Barbados   to manage a great sugar plantation, subsequently appointing his two Scots cousins         overseers     to a […]

Winter 1996

Hosting an Idol

By Laurence Lieberman

     His status reversed   overnight, from traitor on death row to populist    hero-both roles illusory and deranged—Senator Winston,      just three months    out of prison, kept to the sidelines of life;      but […]

Spring 1990

Lifestyles Prince

By Laurence Lieberman

Patrick’s mum, a Swiss Countess, mails three thousand gilt postcards to their whole sprawled family, friends, all friends of friends, announcing—as one might a royal wedding or jazz festival—her son’s […]

Spring 1988

Excerpts from: Mayhem and Romance in a Cropduster Fuselage

By Laurence Lieberman

(Dominica, West Indies)          1.                That big wind,               more than any other, earned its name: Dora.         A single-personed                             identity. A Fury, with intent                        to take back to itself this one speck of […]

Winter 1988

Swimming Pool Pastoral

By Laurence Lieberman

     All bags parked  and shelved in our snug bungalow,   we stroll toward the beach—both sorry antique    Hotel Barrymore   (famous old noble house converted in the mid-Fifties)    is so far from […]

Fall 1984

The Dungeon Amorist

By Laurence Lieberman

(Fort Charlotte, Nassau, Bahamas) We idle, circling the wide hilltop courtyard of Fort Charlotte,and bypass the centralsquare guardhouse — boxlike — which displaysa few stuffed scarecrowmodel prisoners, immortally stooped & […]