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Kenneth Burke

Autumn 1941

Four Master Tropes

By Kenneth Burke

I refer to metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche, and irony. And my primary concern with them here will be not with their purely figurative usage, but with their role in the discovery […]

Winter 1942

Key Words for Critics

By Kenneth Burke

The Intent of the Critic by Edmund Wilson, Norman Foerster, John Crowe Ransom, and W. H. Auden, with an Introduction by Donald A. Stauffer. Princeton. $2.50 The New Criticism by […]

Winter 1979

Theology and Logology

By Kenneth Burke

Foreword There is the possibility of confusion, in connection with my use of the term “logology.” Though I shall constantly be encountering occasions where theology (as “words about God”) and […]

Autumn 1953

The Dialectics of Imagery

By Kenneth Burke

Symbolism And American Literature by Charles Feidelson, Jr. University of Chicago Press. $6.50. Since symbolism means many things to many people, perhaps in seeking to place Mr. Feidelson’s interesting book […]

Spring 1951

Three Definitions

By Kenneth Burke

The first of the definitions to be offered here is the broadest. It concerns “the lyric” in general. The second will deal with “the Platonic dialogue,” considered as a literary […]

Summer 1950

Action, Passion, and Analogy

By Kenneth Burke

The Idea of a Theater by Francis Fergusson. Princeton University Press. $3.75 Wholly alert to the ritualistic, developmental, and consistent or repetitive aspects of dramatic form, Mr. Fergusson has written […]

Winter 1945

Careers without Careerism

By Kenneth Burke

A Century Of Hero-Worship by Eric Russell Bentley. J. B. Lippincott. $3.50. This book is about a literary and artistic movement which the author has labelled “Heroic Vitalism.” Heroic Vitalism […]

Summer 1939

The Calling of the Tune

By Kenneth Burke

The complete autonomy of art could but mean its dissociation from other aspects of the social collectivity. Complete freedom to develop one’s means of communication ends as an impairment of […]