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Josephine Herbst

Fall 1965

Moralist’s Progress

By Josephine Herbst

Part of the Truth: An Autobiography by Granville Hicks. Harcourt, Brace and World, $5.95. GRANVILLE HICKS’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY is more about the small town and its function in American life than […]

Spring 1965

Only the Best

By Josephine Herbst

SCOFIELD THAYER AND THE DIAL: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY by Nicholas Joost. Southern Illi- nois University Press, $15.00. For the first time, we are give a full-length account of The Dial […]

Fall 1961

Nathanael West

By Josephine Herbst

Four short novels, a play, a few random stories, and a handful of scenarios for Hollywood comprise the totality of the work of Nathanael West. The novels were published within […]