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Joanna Klink

Joanna Klink is the author of five books of poetry, most recently The Nightfields. She teaches at the Michener Center for Writers in Austin, Texas.

Spring 2007

Thoughts on Fog

By Joanna Klink

for the realist Fog-locked for three weeks we breathed the haze that hung on trees   and hooped the mountain-town, a valley pooled with the stuff of nothing. A hand could […]

Summer 2004

And Having Lost Track

By Joanna Klink

And having lost track, I walked toward the open field. Now transparent, now far, the day-moon burned through the waste air. I passed the scientists, their gentle hands holding cinders […]

Winter 2002

To Feel an Idea

By Joanna Klink

Swarm by Jone Graham. New York: Harper Trade, 2001. 128 pp. $14.00.   And out of what one sees and hears and out Of what one feels, who could have […]

Summer 2023


By Joanna Klink

The Kenyon Review · Landfall Someone’s hung wind chimes on a low branch, the chord tossed slowly by wind. Once more the ghosthouse inside me, opening its doors. Once more […]

May/June 2020

From Night Sky

By Joanna Klink

Read a micro-conversation with the author here. Millennia. Dry winds. War crosses through steel trees. Is it enough to hold on, under swinging darkness, as fires wheel across night. In […]

July/Aug 2018


By Joanna Klink

Better to be awake at night in sympathy with clocks than to wander vaguely   through days. Better to feel a hush in the yard. To cultivate a faith in strangers, […]

July/Aug 2018

The Devotions

By Joanna Klink

Have you been there all along, the softness of shadow in taverns, the barely-moving air around century-old trees. I had never needed to look. Now even a bird struggling to […]