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F. D. Reeve

Spring 1966

Being Unhappy

By F. D. Reeve

Being unhappy is never the question.Ask, instead, what pacifiesthe too-complicated mind.Not faith prevails there; no ideaentertains it; nobody calls.The dog at the door is always barking. Fulminous the cook in […]

Summer 1965

Look at These Moscow Pictures

By F. D. Reeve

The Moscow University Preparatory School for Young Nobles. On the Corner of Tver Street (Gorki Street) and Newspaper Alley (Ogarev Street). The Building Has Not Been Preserved. —Photograph caption Look […]

Winter 1963

A Geometry of Prose

By F. D. Reeve

Petersburg, Andrei Belyi’s startling novel, can be read in many ways. It may be read as satire on a complacent, empty-headed autocracy; as a symbolic city-scape haunted by bigotry, stupidity, […]

Summer 1962

Pictures in a Hotel Room

By F. D. Reeve

Over and over, a green-blue wind Feathers the waves on the orange ocean On the opposite wall. Behind Our hunched backs a lady’s devotion, Naked except for the pelvic region, […]