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Evie Shockley

Evie Shockley is a poet and scholar. Her most recent poetry collections, the new black (Wesleyan, 2011) and semiautomatic (Wesleyan, 2017), both won the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award; the latter was also a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the LA Times Book Prize. Her poetry has appeared internationally in print and audio formats, in English and in translation. She has received the Lannan Literary Award for Poetry, the Stephen Henderson Award, the Holmes National Poetry Prize, and fellowships from the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study and Cave Canem, among others. Shockley is Professor of English at Rutgers University.

Jan/Feb 2020

can’t unsee

By Evie Shockley

the eye is a tool. it takes available light and makes notes to self about shape, distance, mood. the self — brain? mind? soul? — accumulates and cross- references these observations with info from […]

May/June 2022

nature studies

By Evie Shockley

             first, it was a short piece of lupine, passed around the group, for us              to smell its intoxicating wine. then, the toxic corn lily, from which he              peeled leaf after […]