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Eliseo Vivas

Autumn 1941

The New Naturalism

By Eliseo Vivas

There is no comprehensive statement for the non-professional reader of the central affirmations of a type of philosophic naturalism that is at present quietly under elaboration in the schools. Indeed, […]

Winter 1942

Reply to Mr. Wheelwright

By Eliseo Vivas

When the editors informed me of their intention to publish in the fall issue, together with my “The New Naturalism,” a criticism by Mr. Philip Wheelwright, I fell in with […]

Winter 1950

Theorists without Theory

By Eliseo Vivas

Theory of Literature by René Wellek and Austin Warren. New York City: Harcourt Brace, 1949. 403 pages. $4.50   The conflicts now going on between scholars and critics and among […]

Spring 1948

Historian and Moralist

By Eliseo Vivas

The Misinterpretation of Man: Studies in European Thought of the Nineteenth Century by Paul Roubiczek. Scribner’s. $2.75 Ideas Have Consequences by Richard Weaver. University of Chicago. $2.75   Both Roubiczek […]

Spring 1943

On Symbolism

By Eliseo Vivas

Philosophy In A New Key: A Study in the Symbolism of Reason, Rite, and Art by Susanne K. Langer. Harvard. $3.00. I should like to convince my readers that Miss […]

Winter 1940

Positive Ethics

By Eliseo Vivas

Problems of Ethics by Mortiz Schlick. Authorized Translation by David Rynin. Prentice-Hall. $2.00 Many critics have responsibly argued that the method of the positivists is quite inadequate to deal with […]