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Edgar Johnson

Winter 1966

Queen Victoria: Born to Succeed

By Edgar Johnson

QUEEN VICTORIA: BORN TO SUCCEED by Elizabeth Longford. Harper and Row, $8.50. Appearing forty-four years after Lytton Strachey’s Queen Victoria, the Countess of Longford’s biography represents an astonishing failure to […]

Summer 1965

A Tremendous Drama

By Edgar Johnson

The Letters Of Charles Dickens. The Pilgrim Edition. Volume I, 1820-1839. Edited by Madeline House and Graham Storey. Oxford University Press, $20.20. It should be stated at the outset that […]

Summer 1940

Amor Dei in Hollywood

By Edgar Johnson

AFTER MANY A SUMMER DIES THE SWAN. By Aldous Huxley. Harper. $2.50 Mr. Huxley’s new novel is a sort of multi-decker literary sandwich with slices of burlesque, jazz, melodrama, and […]

Spring 1940

Three Proletarian Novels

By Edgar Johnson

ROPE OF GOLD. By Josephine Herbst. Harcourt Brace. $2.50THE STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER. By Elliot Paul. Random House. $2.50INDUSTRIAL VALLEY. By Ruth McKenney. Harcourt Brace. $3.00 Dealing with essentially the […]

Summer 1939

Technique and Tantrum

By Edgar Johnson

Here Lies. Collected Stories of Dorothy Parker. Viking Press. $3.00 Wickford Point. By John P. Marquand. Little Brown. $2.75 Here are authors who rather amusingly illustrate almost opposite extremes of […]