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Winter 1946

Prophetic Anarchists

By Eric Bentley

When Democracy Builds by Frank Lloyd Wright. University of Chicago. $4.00. The Sexual Revolution by Wilhelm Reich. New York City: Orgone Institute. $3.25. The prophet pronounces doom upon a world […]

Spring 1946

Who Understands Drama?

By Eric Bentley

Understanding Drama by Cleanth Brooks and Robert Heilman. Holt. $2.25 Since textbooks do not commonly run the gauntlet of printed criticism professors can write bad books and sell them to […]

Winter 1947

Philistines and Films

By Eric Bentley

The Art Of The Motion Picture by Jean Benoit-Levy. Coward-McCann. $3.50 Mr. Benoit-Levy was the director of the well-known French film La Maternelle. For the past five years he has […]

Fall 1947

Adapted from the French

By Eric Bentley

Nobody wants to be considered a mere translator. If you have always wanted to be a creative writer without ever quite managing it, you may translate something from the French, […]

Autumn 1949

German Stagecraft Today

By Eric Bentley

After seeing my production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle in Philadelphia a very friendly critic wrote of Brecht: One has the feeling that he is unconcerned with settings, with the […]

Spring 1950

Jean-Louis Barrault

By Eric Bentley

The phenomenon Barrault is complex, but two evenings in his theatre—the evening when he gives Le Procès and the evening when he gives La Seconde Surprise de l’Amour and Les […]

Winter 1962


By Eric Bentley

As it was I who commissioned a translation of Phèdre from Robert Lowell, I should like to comment on George Steiner’s unfavorable review of it (Autumn 1961). This review seems […]

Fall 1962


By Eric Bentley

Just a line to correct a common misunderstanding which has popped up in KR (the Summer 1962 issue, “Happy Ending, Nice and Tidy”). There is no single “Bentley and Vesey […]