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Daniel Mark Epstein

Daniel Mark Epstein is a poet and biographer who has published more than twenty books of poetry and nonfiction. His “Sonnets For a Cruel April,” provides the text for a short dramatic film with Tyne Daly, Jennifer Van Dyck, and other actors that will be available as a webcast and on Youtube in June 2020

Winter 2009

The Sense of Style

By Daniel Mark Epstein

And in this frame great-grandmother looks lovely   In her high-collared satin dress,So many buttons! A button for every sin, as   They used to say, and the stoneCameo brooch that has come down […]

Winter 2001

The Cataract

By Daniel Mark Epstein

Lately the world seems darker, Especially in the evenings, And I light more lamps To see no better than ever Familiar faces and things:   Wayworn works of art, Books […]

Spring 1987


By Daniel Mark Epstein

I The gallery light left something to be desired.Electric ghosts in clouds and streakstold their moral on the bulletproof glass:the soul will make a mirror of any window.I shifted. It […]

Fall 1979

Ode to Virgil

By Daniel Mark Epstein

1 Astral mechanic! Forecaster of empires! Vergilius! The children of Europe are gathering under your stars. They throng the dialectical Squares and Roundabouts. They are marching through medieval walls and […]

Sep 1967

The Theft

By Daniel Mark Epstein

Not long after you were born, he left Talking nothing with him. I found No sign or certainty, no clue That he was gone. This gratuitous theft Became the theme […]