Dan Beachy-Quick

Dan Beachy-Quick is a poet, essayist, and occasional novelist, whose most recent books include gentlessness (Tupelo Press) and Shields & Shards & Stitches & Songs (Omnidawn). His work has been supported by the Guggenheim and Lannan Foundations, and he teaches in the MFA program at Colorado State University.

July/Aug 2020

Canto IX

By Dan Beachy-Quick

— for Jorie Graham To read is to know again or to read is to return to knowing but knowing is not the ordered stacks in the library mind is what […]

Winter 2013


By Dan Beachy-Quick

preface this book is a learning mist    in which the hand       discovers the thistle it grips— some texts are forms    of trespass's       expectations— the burr on the cuff a wandering […]