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Anna Hartford

Anna Hartford is a writer based in Cape Town.

Mar/Apr 2020

Hello, Fridge

By Anna Hartford

2019 Kenyon Review Short Nonfiction Contest Winner It came from Beares Furniture Store. A Defy D210, featuring adjustable leveling feet, variable thermostat, sealed crisper. Small: human-height, or thereabouts. The traditional […]

Winter 2023

The Large Glass

By Anna Hartford

The day began with the enormous print he’d recently had framed, at great and much-remarked-upon expense, crashing to the floor of their apartment, the glass shattering into daggers. It had […]

Light & Time

By Anna Hartford

In our age there is no work of art that is looked at so closely as a photograph of oneself, one’s closest relatives and friends, one’s sweetheart. —Alfred Lichtwark This […]