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Alfred Werner

Winter 1970

Some Light and Much Shadow

By Alfred Werner

Rembrandt: The Complete Edition of the Paintings by A. Bredius. Edited by Horst Gerson. Phaidon Press, $20.00. Rembrandt Paintings by Horst Gerson. Reynal and Company-William Morrow and Company, $39.95. Rembrandt: […]

Winter 1969

Modern German Art

By Alfred Werner

German Art in the 20th Century by Franz Roh. Translated by Catherine Hutter and edited by Julia Phelps. New York Graphic Society, $30.00. About 140 years ago, when it took […]

Winter 1968

In Defense of Dufy

By Alfred Werner

Whether the pleasure he has gained for himself be shared or not, whether his work be in concord or contradiction with the tastes of the times, whether it be ahead […]

Spring 1968

Thesis and Antithesis

By Alfred Werner

Expressionist Watercolors 1905-1920 by Werner Hofmann. Harry N. Abrams, $20.00. Painters of the Bauhaus by Eberhard Roters. Fredrick A. Praeger, $18.50. The German philosopher Theodor Lessing is author of a […]

Fall 1966

Baudelaire: Art Critic

By Alfred Werner

” … glorifier le culte des images (ma grande, mon unique, ma primitive passion) … “ —From Mon coeur mis à nu To the English-speaking intellectual, Baudelaire, the poet and […]

Spring 1965

Golden Age or Brass?

By Alfred Werner

CREATIVE AMERICA by John F. Kennedy and Others. Trident Press, $5.95. THE CULTURE CONSUMERS by Alvin Toffler. St. Martin’s Press, $5.00. THE ARTS IN SOCIETY. Edited by Robert N. Wilson. […]

Fall 1962

Ernst Barlach

By Alfred Werner

The veneration of the sculptor and printmaker Ernst Barlach (1870-1938) in Central Europe has, so far, not spread much beyond the German-speaking nations. Britain’s Art Council brought a large number […]

Spring 1961

Lawrence and Pascin

By Alfred Werner

By sheer coincidence the two modern artists who devoted their lives to exploring the mysteries of sex—the writer D. H. Lawrence and the painter Jules Pascin—were both born in 1885 […]

Winter 1960

Epstein’s Three Faces

By Alfred Werner

When Sir Jacob Epstein died in London last August, at the age of seventy-eight, the American press invariably concentrated on the external and ephemeral features of his story: the scandals […]