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A. Alvarez


Winter 1959

Intelligence on Tour

By A. Alvarez

Henry James’s essays on travel are essential, masterly and relatively neglected. They serve as a kind of dark side of the moon to the rest of his work; the harmony […]

Book Reviews

Spring 1957

Imagism and Poetesses

By A. Alvarez

A. Alvarez IMAGISM AND POETESSES POEMS. By Elizabeth Bishop. Houghton Mifflin. $3.50. PREFABRICATIONS. By Josephine Miles. Indiana University Press. $2.75. LITERARY HISTORIANS often play the game of Coincidences; they point […]

Book Reviews

Summer 1956

Lawrence, Leavis, and Eliot

By A. Alvarez

D. H. Lawrence: Novelist by F. R. Leavis. Knopf. $4.75. It is very difficult to make people understand the impersonal indignation that a decay of writing can cause men who […]