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Reviews: Dickens and Some Others: Special Review Section

A Tremendous Drama

By Edgar Johnson

The Letters Of Charles Dickens. The Pilgrim Edition. Volume I, 1820-1839. Edited by Madeline House and Graham Storey. Oxford University Press, $20.20. It should be stated at the outset that […]

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Melodrama on the Hill

By Cord Meyer, Jr.

Advise And Consent by Allen Drury. Doubleday. $5.75. Wearied with excellence, the American reading public removed Dr. Zhivago and Lolita from the top of the best seller list and replaced […]

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But Is It Drama?

By Irving Kreutz

The Third Voice: Modern British And American Verse Drama by Denis Donoghue. Princeton. $5.00. T. S. Eliot has confessed rather touchingly that he turned to writing plays because he wished […]

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Who Understands Drama?

By Eric Bentley

Understanding Drama by Cleanth Brooks and Robert Heilman. Holt. $2.25 Since textbooks do not commonly run the gauntlet of printed criticism professors can write bad books and sell them to […]

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Short Notice: The Use of the Drama

By F.F.

The Use Of The Drama by Harley Granzville-Barker. Princeton. $1.50. This work consists of lectures delivered by Granville-Barker at Princeton, as part of the Spencer Trask Series. It is in […]

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