August 5, 2019KR BlogNewsletter

Congratulations and Thanks to the 2019 Peter Taylor Fellows

Every year, the Kenyon Review awards Peter Taylor Fellowships to a select group of outstanding writers. These individuals attend our generative Writers Workshops as both participants and teaching assistants. We can’t say enough about the great talent and inexhaustible energy that these fellows provide. Congratulations to all of you, and thank you for making this summer’s writers workshops a tremendous success.

Tom Andes worked with Rodger Kamenetz
Allison Campbell worked with Brad Richard
Hannah Eko worked with Angie Cruz
Kerri Fisher worked with Lauren Winner
Ezra Fitz worked with Elizabeth Lowe
Robbie Gamble worked with A.J. Verdelle
Eve Gleichman worked with E.J. Levy
Amanda Gunn worked with Natalie Shapero
Greg Lamm worked with Nancy Zafris
Olivia Lott worked with Kate Hedeen
Tiffany Melanson worked with Solmaz Sharif
Jasminne Mendez worked with Rebecca McClanahan
Dennis Norris worked with Nick White
Laura Rigolosi worked with Erick Gordon
Kaamya Sharma worked with Dinty W. Moore
Monica Sok worked with Carl Phillips
Angela Velez worked with Ghassan Abou-Zeneiddine
Javier Zamora worked with David Baker