April 25, 2019KR BlogBlogWriting

Playing Dungeons & Dragons With Your Creative Writing Class

When one of my students presented on Dungeons & Dragons in class, he showed us the endless pages he had amassed in character and plot development. Then, it hit me what a powerful training for fiction writing D&D could be.

On Monday, we played D&D in my experimental creative writing class as a way of strengthening our storytelling skills. We had to figure out what our characters’ stories were and therefore what they would do next based on their whole history. The focus has to be on showing and not telling because the rest of the players need to be able to understand what’s happening with your character.

The necessity of creating an entire world does wonders for the old fiction-weaving faculties. As we rolled dice and made our way through impossible landscapes, I could see our narrative muscles growing.

I often find that bringing some outside prop or framework into your writing routine can help you remake yourself as a writer, especially if you’re feeling blocked.

Seeing the students so engaged (and I mean screaming about orcs at the top of their lungs) was a very rewarding part of trying out this particular creative writing exercise/amazing adventure.