August 9, 2018KR BlogBlogEnthusiams

15 Things To Do Before I Die

On Showtime’s The Big C (yes, I watch old shows when I can’t sleep), when Laura Linney’s character finds out she has cancer and only a certain amount of time left, she promptly transforms from the kind of woman who would use a doily to the kind who does cartwheels down the halls of the school where she teaches. She orders only drinks and desserts at restaurants and fakes suicide to teach her son a lesson (you’d have to see it to get it). This got me thinking about the things I want to do before I die . . . and how I should start right now.

1) Live by the ocean

2) Take more photographs, paint stuff, and make a film (even if it’s terrible)

3) Finish reading every book, watching every movie, and completing every writing project on the intimidatingly long list that hides under my notebook, grows by the day, and mocks me

4) Finally wave to my neighbor across the way from my apartment. We both know she could probably read most levels of an eye chart from there

5) Talk to strangers–just walk right up to them and say, “Tell me your story”

6) Publish that novel (I know, I know, it’s on all our lists)

7) Finally write and perform that one-woman show

8) Allow myself to laugh at all the inappropriate, inexplicable times that it occurs to me to do so

9) Adequately enshrine my poetry teacher, Marty Skoble, the man who just knew fifth graders got poetry

10) Do all the things I’ve been too shy to do thus far

11) Fix our broken world that mistreats so many people . . . or, more realistically, do something startlingly kind for as many people as possible, and thank every single person who has ever done something startlingly kind for me

12) Take all those travels I have planned, just writing my way through the world

13) Ride The Wonder Wheel at Coney Island with my kids one last time

14) Force everyone I love to participate in one mammoth game of Charades

15) Find the presumably homeless man who made me cry in the subway last week with the most gorgeous rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” I’ve ever heard, tell him what he does for people, offer him a home