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10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Younger

1) Nothing replaces hard work–not even the stupendous, mind-blowing genius you’re hoping to catch like a cold.

2) You will benefit from the personality you were forced to build as a result of being a not-hot-15-year-old.

3) It doesn’t matter what fires he starts in you if he’s not a mensch.

4) Drinking freckle juice will not give you freckles, but irresponsible sun exposure will.

5) Those girls with the cute clothes who copy your homework in 5th grade are not your friends.

6) Replace worry, anger, and anxiety with action and you will not have white hairs and worry lines by the time you’re 21.

7) Believe what people do, not what they say. There are many silver-tongued fabulists out there.

8) You will think it’s edgy and individualistic to skip college homework in favor of doing your own writing. Don’t. Just don’t.

9) Steve Urkel will one day use cool juice to become Stefan Urquelle. He will no longer be as cool

10) Don’t fret about being a little too much like Harriet the Spy for your own comfort. In the future, someone will call you “a writer” and actually pay you (a little bit) to spy on your culture, record what you find, and be generally creepy.

P.S. Unicorns don’t exist, but they really should. Start inventing now.