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A Fable

It is the last day of life on earth, but the United States populace is forbidden to acknowledge the fact. Anyone caught without a smile on their face is subject to observation. Anyone overheard saying anything that is not optimistic is subject to arrest and prosecution. The national greeting, which replaced the once ubiquitous “have a nice day”, is the obligatory: “Make America Great!” to which the expected reply is “Now and Forever,” with a hand on one’s gun. The best of all greetings is to cock a personal AK47 while giving the salutation while the person being greeted cocks his gun in salute. (Use of the female pronoun has long been forbidden: women are referred to as moms, or moms-to-be, those past childbearing age are called grans). Moms, of course may also open carry guns or rifles; they are referred to as “patriot moms”; they wear gold stars awarded by the state for each child born. There are mama-baby shooting ranges, replacing day care. On this last day on earth, life is to proceed precisely as it has since America became Great Again. Workers are expected to show up to work. Consumers are expected to shop. The stock market is up. Those without work are expected to be in the lines that inch toward their daily registration as indolent-destroyers-of-industry after which they are given a frozen pizza courtesy of the state. Black and brown people, Muslims and Mexicans are out-of-sight, in prisons or centers of detention. The streets are safe for the white race. And of course, the big news story continues to dominate the air waves: Pizzagate is on everyone’s lips, with the shocking, new information that fetuses illegally aborted by renegade doctors are now being hidden in pizza dough to be roasted in hot ovens and disposed of by being fed to unsuspecting purchasers. Raids on pizza places in California, New York, Oregon and other still so-called liberal enclaves have intensified, led by citizen militias that protect the unborn. Pizza shop proprietors are being dragged from their establishments and tied to lamp posts or trees where they can be stoned as baby killers by an out-raged populace. There is a burning desire to get to punish all those involved in the fetus-as-dough Pizzagate scandal before the world ends. The abrupt 6% Celsius rise in temperature, unforeseen as all climate science has long been forbidden, along with consequent 6 foot sea level rise, go unremarked upon on the daily weather report, although it is no longer tolerable to be out of air-conditioning longer than 3 minutes at a time. People continue on about their last day as if it were just one more to get through in a long chain of mildly disappointing days on earth.