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Thanksgiving Playlist

Yes, indeed, the “winter” has come to California. In the city of angels, we are all shopping in the supermarkets of California today. 

And even though it’s a month past the Fall Equinox, giving thanks is still at the top of our lists.

And after the tofurkeys and the turkeys, you might venture out for a little bit of shopping to help the kids start writing their own books or check out the ten most anticipated poetry book releases of 2015, over at Flavorwire.

If you’re more inclined to hang at home, download the PEN Podcast: Carlos Monsiváis Reads from Mexican Postcards from 2006. It’s still great. So great. A perfect couch-potato afternoon.

If dysfunction is your trope, Entertainment Weekly has you covered with “Literature’s 8 Most Dysfunctional Thankgsiving Dinners.”

Finally, from the internet archives:  Lisa Bramen’s 2011 post at on “Thanksgiving in Literature” encourages you to cuddle up with Mark Twain or Harriet Beecher Stowe.

or Gobble gobble in front of the tube and still get your literariness satisfied.