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Short Takes

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas are over at BuzzFeed, PopSugar and Ranker. Want to check out how your favorite writers have dressed up throughout the ages? Oh, yes, Susan Sontag as Teddy Bear . . . Truman Capote as Santa . . . If you still need an idea, just stick a bird cage on your head.

Story Dispensers? Free time to kill and looking for reading material? Perhaps these  Story Dispensers are the answer! Personally, I’m waiting for them to adorn every Starbucks in the universe. Hopefully poem and essay dispensers are coming soon. Get your own!

A Lottery Tailor-Made for Writers in its 3rd year: Moving to Detroit continues to get easier for would-be writers. You’ve got a roughly 1 in 300 chance of owning your home based on previous years’ experiences. But donating is nice too. 

Poems are the Answer to your Password Woes! Are you having trouble memorizing your passwords? Constantly having to hit “Forgot Password” and beg for help? POETRY is your answer! Check out how linguists have cracked the code for creating super-safe computer passwords by generating poetry phrases.

And 1 from the ancient files to get you thinking about March 2016: Bloggers fight over the literary virtue of my beloved city of Angels. Hector Tobar tries to set Christopher Young straight on a few things. Come visit us and make up your own mind. I’ll see you at Pink’s. Or some other place.