November 4, 2014KR BlogNewsletter

Plus Ça Change!

A letter to our subscribers:

Dear Reader,

Something new is on the way. With a fresh look and feel—and more frequent arrival—the soon-to-be-seen redesign of the magazine is the most daring change in our 75-year history.

What’s this all about? As I finish my twentieth year as editor, I’m determined to ensure the future of The Kenyon Review in print for decades to come. We’re not turning our back on tradition—we’re building on it to keep KR crisp, exceptional, inviting. With a slim 120 pages, you’ll be able to carry the journal in a backpack, purse, or jacket pocket. You won’t need to set it aside for when there’s “more time.”

Here’s the way you’ll first see the difference. Instead of receiving the traditional Winter issue this coming December, subscribers will start the new year with our first-ever bimonthly issue, Kenyon Review Jan/Feb 2015. (That’s the cover previewed inside the front cover of the current Fall 2014 issue.) Every two months you’ll be greeted by another issue, with a bold design and a lighter heft.

If, sadly, the current issue is scheduled to be your last, we’re proud to give a gift of one more gratis. In January you too will receive the diver and a treasure trove of great writing, just so you can sample the pleasures of the design and perhaps be persuaded to renew your subscription.

Don’t worry! Over the course of the year we’ll be publishing the same dazzling stories, poems, and essays. Just in six issues rather than four.

Literature just as magnificent and a scintillating design: the new Kenyon Review will truly be better than ever.

Your faithful editor,

David Lynn

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