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Ready, Set, Stop!

Open submissions to The Kenyon Review will close on January 15.  Fair warning!

What a great reading period it’s been already from September 15th.  Nearly 9,000 submissions and counting, up from 7,000 last year.  Our team in Gambier and beyond has done a tremendous job of staying on top, reading and reading and reading.  So much great literature.  It’s part of the joy of what we do.

And I can say that I’ve already had several of the best moment’s of an editor’s life: I call them the Eureka moments.  Discovering a story or poem or essay by someone who’s never published before, but which demonstrates the surprise and delight and mastery that produce a work both moving and thrilling.  This is the heart and soul of KR’s mission.

It will take several months, I’m afraid, before we finish the task, so if you’ve submitted, please be patient.  We do read everything, and there are no honest short cuts.  The results, however, in our pages and in KROnline are surely worth it.