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Kayla Glazer Receives S. Georgia Nugent Award in Creative Writing

Kayla Glazer, a graduating senior at Thetford Academy in Thetford, Vermont, has been named the recipient of the S. Georgia Nugent Award in Creative Writing, a merit scholarship named in honor of the Kenyon president and designed to attract the most talented writing students to the College.

The S. Georgia Nugent Award in Creative Writing was made possible by a gift of $1 million from an anonymous member of the Kenyon Review Board of Trustees. “We attract the top high school writers in the country and now we have a wonderful way to recognize those who are destined to leave their mark on our campus,” said Jennifer Delahunty, dean of admissions and financial aid. “Naming the scholarship for President Nugent is fitting because she is a remarkable writer who serves on the Kenyon Review board.”

The scholarship offers, to one or more graduates of the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop who are admitted to Kenyon, a minimum annual award of $12,000, regardless of financial need. The award is made through a review of admissions essays by the Kenyon Review and the Kenyon admissions staffs and will be announced each year at the Young Writers Workshop. “This is a wonderful and generous gift that is perfect for Kenyon because so many young writers are drawn to our passion for writing and our writing community,” said Anna Duke Reach, director of programs for the Review. “Enrollment in our Young Writers Workshop has just exploded, with 184 students in each of the past two summers.”

The College considers the Nugent Award to be its preeminent writing scholarship, adding creative writing to Kenyon’s prestigious merit program in studio art and music. “We are delighted to be able to recognize writing talent in the same way we recognize art and music talent,” Delahunty said.

Glazer attended the second session of KR’s Young Writers Program in the summer of 2012. In her Kenyon application, she wrote “For me, Kenyon was always the holy, mysterious place where the Kenyon Review was printed. It was the place where wise editors with experience and beards like Gandalf sifted through stacks of writing to find the gems I read greedily.” Describing her bookshelves, she observes, “I am still a mimic, made of the words I’ve read, inspired by my favorite sentences.” She will join Kenyon’s community of writers and readers in the fall.

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