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Mix Tape: Supermodel Novelists and Politician Poets

There is, in Vogue’s September issue, an 18-page photo feature “depicting a handful of actors, artists, models, and writers posing as [Edith] Wharton and her circle.” So why are male writers featured, but no female writers? Certainly someone more literary (and more age-appropriate) than a 30-year-old Russian supermodel could have played Wharton herself!

Has a second photo of Emily Dickinson been discovered? (If not, no worries. Someone young and beautiful can always play her in a Vogue photo shoot. You know, so Dickinson can look glamorous instead of austere.)

Hold the phone. Dick Durbin—yes, the Senate Majority Whip—is taking a contemporary poetry course online?

Trust me: you want to try this. Mouse-over the color-wheel to see the names of 4,000 colors in nine different languages, with English translations.

And you want to test out this hilarious David Foster Wallace endnote generator, too.

What are the possibilities when a respected critic champions your work?

Remembering Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Louis Simpson, whom poet and critic Edward Hirsch called “the Chekhov of contemporary American poetry.”