July 18, 2012KR BlogBlogShort Takes/Mixed Tape

Mix Tape: Tacos, Tears, and the State of American Poetry

A Bukowski-Sondheim musical? Though the combination sounds questionable, so does the Taco Bell taco in a Doritos shell…and apparently that’s selling pretty well.

Abby Mims went into an MFA program with great expectations but met her literary nemesis there. “In my first workshop at Irvine, I was slapped to the ground so hard that I went into the bathroom and cried.”

Willard Spiegelman, editor in chief of the Southwest Review, on the state of American poetry. How has it changed, and what are its chances of survival?

It’s time for Poetry Bingo!

For lovers of pixels and literature, check out these “8-bit drawings of the beginnings of eight short stories. You can then click to read the complete stories, which I recommend that you do, because literature is good for you.”

Which literary characters were almost named something else? Scarlett O’Hara was almost named Pansy, and Little Orphan Annie was nearly Little Orphan Otto.

Fellow writers who make a living as editors, read on. “If being an editor makes you a better writer, does being a writer make you a better editor?”