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Mix Tape: Thematically Speaking, Death’s Still in the Lead

Check out this infographic of the 2011 Booker Longlist novels broken down by theme. Death is still your best bet by an overwhelming margin, but maybe Nanny Trust Issues, Homicidal Cowboy Brothers, and An Escaped Tiger will gain some ground in the coming years.

The Great Pulitzer Do-Over: Who should have won?

New research in psychology shows that fiction molds us more than nonfiction and in positive ways.

Why is Bret Easton Ellis on Kickstarter, offering notes on your novel for a $5,000 pledge?

Maybe reading isn’t the most important thing people do with books. At least that’s what Leah Price, one of Harvard’s most influential English professors, has been exploring.

While we’re on the subject of nontextual uses for books…

“I feel like I’m working for myself at this point. If it’s publishable, fine. If not, it makes not too much difference. Because I claim that this time is for me and me alone. I’m 83 years old.” Rest in peace, Maurice Sendak.