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The Wayback Machine: First Editors of The Kenyon Review

Left to right: Philip Blair Rice, John Crowe Ransom, Norman Johnson

We hope to bring you many peeks into the historical documents of the Kenyon Review, starting with its infancy of Gordon Keith Chalmers and John Crowe Ransom to today’s leading group of editors.

The Kenyon Review Archives are housed in the Greenslade Special Collections and Archives in Olin Library at Kenyon College. This collection consists records from the first run of the Kenyon Review (1939-1970). These records are mainly comprised of correspondence and submissions from contributors to the Review. Also included in the collection are records on the history of the Review, news releases and articles, photographs of staff and contributors, advertising materials, records of the Kenyon Fellowship program, records of transactions with various foundations, the Rockefeller Foundation in particular, records from special publications and events, circulation and financial records, and miscellaneous materials.