April 19, 2012KR BlogBlog

Mix Tape: Word for Word

Rachel Zucker thinks “it’s important for poets to occasionally try to articulate ‘what kind’ of poetry they write.” Check out this compilation—part one and part two—of various poets’ responses to this tricky question.

A blind woman sits down to write, but the pen is out of ink, so the manuscript is invisible: a true story, not a Charles Simic poem.

No Pulitzer winner named in fiction? Ann Patchett writes, “What I am sure of is this: Most readers hearing the news will not assume it was a deadlock. They’ll just figure it was a bum year for fiction.”

On the Bro’d: a word-for-word retelling of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road…in bro speak.

The Elevator Repair Service’s Gatz, a word-for-word performance of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, is running at the Public Theater in New York—and has been getting terrific reviews. “The play begins with a man entering his office, mindlessly attempting to get his computer to work. When it doesn’t, he picks up a copy of The Great Gatsby and begins reading aloud. Slowly, seamlessly, his coworkers assume the roles of the characters in the book.”

Watch 10 celebrities, from Bill Murray to Dennis Hopper to Tom Waits, reading famous poems aloud.

Dave Eggers accepts a literary award from the Günter Grass Foundation but refuses to attend the ceremony in the wake of the recent controversy.