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Mix Tape: “Recipes like poems are roadmaps”

Farmers have Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp. “The working man” has Springsteen. But what about struggling creatives—dancers, artists, actors, musicians, writers, designers? “The final irony is that these are times when we most need the arts but seem the most resistant to culture and the people who produce it.”

Now free, a “prison poet” pursues a career as a chef. “Recipes like poems are roadmaps. If you follow the map, you’ll do okay.”

Bizarre but functional bookmobiles around the world.

Why do poets turn to fiction? Why not tell a story in poems? One poet-turned-novelist explains her rationale.

Watch this video from Abe Books to find out what gives old books their signature smell, that “combination of grassy notes with a tang of acids and a hint of vanilla over an underlying mustiness.”

How to edit a book of poetry, taking it from raw manuscript to a finished book.

GTL (Gym, Tan, Library)? Condo amenities go literary.