February 23, 2012KR BlogBlog

Mix Tape: “You’ve been chosen as an extra in the movie adaptation / Of the sequel to your life”

Thanks for the quote, Stephen Malkmus. I’m always looking for an excuse to invoke Pavement.

Being Flynn, the regrettably titled film adaptation of Nick Flynn’s memoir, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, stars Robert De Niro as Flynn’s father, Julianne Moore as his mother, and Paul Dano as Nick. Flynn talks about the process of seeing his life’s most painful moments re-enacted.

You can be a backer of a feature-length documentary on the life and work of poet Larry Levis. Your pledge will help fund everything from travel to complete interviews to editing, sound mastering, closed captioning, and hiring a composer. Watch the trailer and learn more at Kickstarter.

Viking, Penguin, Random House…the stakes are high for publishers trying to choose the right name.

So, you want to apply to residencies. Before you weed through the various requirements and asking yourself the inevitable questions (What kind of résumé do they want? How detailed should the work plan be? Do letters of recommendation have to be from my former writing instructors? What should I include in my writing sample?), you might start by reading this.

Is the endless cycle of revision worth it? Do you ask yourself, after revising a draft, “Am I scrubbing the deck of the Titanic?”

While you’re revising, take a break to read Kevin Prufer’s thoughts on sentimentality and complexity. Then apply them to your next draft.

Let’s face it: “while publication in literary magazines might be an aesthetic end, it is no means an economic one.” Still, who doesn’t want to get paid?