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Mix Tape: Welcome to the Future

Watch—perhaps in wonder, perhaps in horror—as a twenty-first-century baby interacts with printed material. (“Hey, this iPad won’t work! Wait, what? What’s a magazine?”)

There are plenty of ways to force literature on your children, but not all of them will stick. Here’s one that will.

Wow, National Book Awards, that was beyond tacky. Here’s the diplomatic version of the story, from the ousted author herself.

By now everyone knows who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, but here’s who didn’t win.

Is a library to a book what a pound is to a dog? When libraries are stuffed and book sales don’t do enough to reduce stock, the best-loved books find a permanent home, but the others, well…might just be headed for the proverbial sausage factory.

Novelist Nicholson Baker worries about losing his favorite writing spot, and it might surprise you what that spot is. (Hint: Where can you get a mean Reese’s sundae?)

If famous literary characters had Facebook accounts….

Snail mail desperately attempts to get its sexy back.