October 27, 2011KR BlogBlog

Mix Tape: Tricks/Treats

Check out these found poems from the Missed Connections section of New York Craigslist. Let’s just say they walk that fine line between trick and treat, creepy and sweet. Maybe an Occupy Wall Street baby boom isn’t such a long shot after all…

Books, the ghosts of lovers past.

Poet Anne Sexton wrote vampire fiction (vampire fiction involving a wetsuit, a baguette, and a hooker’s bellybutton, no less), and The New Yorker wouldn’t print it.

Six questions for Colson Whitehead, who’s entered the dark but popular world of zombie fiction.

“If you are a writer with any presence on the Internet, even a very obscure one, you often get e-mails from strangers.… So I didn’t give much thought to a cryptic e-mail I got in the summer of 2009 from a person named Innocente Fontana.” (Cue eerie horror movie strings.)

Scott Turow calls Amazon the “Darth Vader of the Publishing Industry.” At the NYT, four writers and publishers debate the issue.

The death of standard punctuation?  Apostrophes abandoned? Hyphens relegated to play the noses in emoticon smiley faces? Talk about horrifying.

Fear not the MFA. As Lan Samantha Chang, Director of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, puts it: “…you have more time to think, and you have time to think about your life. And to think about the lives of other human beings. That is a privilege, but it is something that a lot of people need and want. It’s a privilege and a basic human need. Our society pushes us toward productivity in a way that is antithetical to our basic needs.”