October 13, 2011KR BlogBlog

Mix Tape: Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

When not delivering roundhouse kicks, Bruce Lee was an accomplished poet and translator. No kidding.

Thank goodness creativity doesn’t feel this complex in the moment, or it might be painful.

Poets, could robots steal your job? With computers demonstrating an increasing capacity for complex thinking in the sciences, are the arts next?

It’s not Homer by any means, but could it be the first digital form of epic literature? A fake Twitter feed called @MayorEmanuel grew into “a complex, engrossing and even lyrical narrative” and, ironically, given its roots in digital piecemeal, a new print book, The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel.

Best-selling author Barry Eisler walked away from a two-book, half-million-dollar deal with “legacy publisher” St. Martin’s Press. Instead, Eisler opted to self-publish his next book electronically. Say what?

You love books. You love books so much, your house looks like it might be a good candidate for one of the depressing reality shows about extreme hoarding. Do you switch to an e-reader for the sake of space? This Slate writer gave it a try.

If your house is stuffed with books, you might want to think about how they got there. The working conditions were so intolerable at one Amazon warehouse in Pennsylvania, EMTs were stationed outside.

Ever wondered what books are stacked in the offices of National Lampoon, Slate, The Village Voice, and other media companies? You might be surprised.