September 22, 2011KR BlogKRWriting

Mix Tape: Genius (Comedy and Otherwise)

Ok, so you’re not a genius. Let that sink in for a minute. Now shake it off and enjoy reading about people who are.

A laugh-out-loud funny look at the role of the poet laureate, courtesy of the geniuses at the Onion: “Thank God this country has a poet laureate,” recently out-of-work glassworker Mitch Tate, 44, told reporters. “Without [2004-2006 laureate] Ted Kooser’s profound lines likening the destruction of a galaxy billions of miles away to a snowflake falling on water, I’m not sure we ever could have mustered the inner strength to overcome the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.”

The mere fact that there’s something being referred to as the White House Poetry Scandal makes me smile.

Slaughterhouse Five is moved to a restricted part of a school library, not unlike porn relegated to the shady back room at a video store. Really, Missouri?

Why Salinger’s housekeeper may not have mourned for long.

Why one bookseller hates that Borders sign. You know the one.

Roxane Gay responds, with more than a dash of snark, to the latest round of complaints in The Great MFA Debate.

Some see the MFA as a questionable investment, but what about the BA in English? American RadioWorks examines the role of liberal-arts programs in the twenty-first century.