August 11, 2011KR BlogKRWriting

Mix Tape: Wish You Were Here (“We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl…”)

Charles Simic on the dying art of postcard writing.

These folks will handwrite your e-mails and mail them, doodle or lipstick kiss included, for a more personal touch.

You’re on Facebook. You see a famous poet. You and the famous poet share a (real) friend in common. DO NOT (repeat: DO NOT) friend the famous poet.

“He’s the laureate, if you like, of the industrial heartland.”

In the running for most unusual writing studio: “a 1967 Roadrunner travel trailer that for most of its life was an Idaho State Police surveillance vehicle.”

Dwell wants your help putting together a map of indie bookstores across the country. (And how about nearby bars, chocolate shops, and record stores, while you’re at it?)

A chain of literary inspiration: Real places –> literature –> songs.

What was on Hamlet’s iPod? Everything from Black Flag to The Smiths.

What might be on Poe’s current playlist–“Save Me” by Aimee Mann, “Amity” by Elliott Smith, and “With A Little Help from My Friends” by The Beatles? After being denied funding by the city of Baltimore two years running, the Poe House needs a patron.