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Mix Tape: Snark Week

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Snark doesn’t pay. In fact, it can be pretty expensive.

Add a little hipster into your writing, without writing a word. Check out this sample auto-generated passage: “Cardigan twee fanny pack, portland american apparel stumptown wes anderson. +1 keytar letterpress, echo park leggings beard synth sustainable banksy keffiyeh high life put a bird on it 8-bit.”

New slang when you notice the stripes“

Why groovy’s not cool. (What makes slang endure–or not?)

You might be a font snob if“

Writers have been sampling for much longer than rap artists. In their latest video, The Decemberists (conceptually) sample David Foster Wallace.

The California Raisins choose repetition in lieu of sampling. “Books! Check ’em out!”

Don’t judge a book by its cover, especially considering the little phallic decals…but maybe music and food are fair game?