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Mix Tape: Alive and Kicking

Bill Keller at the Times: “I’m not suggesting that poetry will guide our legislators to wisdom any more than prayer has. Just that it might make them a little more human.”

If we could be wiser and more human (i.e. knock off the torturing), Nick Flynn would appreciate it.

“People from New York have been calling, to see if I’m still alive. When I answer the phone, you can hear the disappointment in their voice.”

When attempting to bring authors back from the dead, timing is everything.

When attempting to bring print back from the dead, innovation is everything? Introducing the book equivalent of the liger: part print, part digital.

Why do print books cost more than e-books–really? It’s just not the cost of paper.

The state of zombie lit…and perhaps the best poem on the subject.

I wonder if Simple Minds makes a cameo appearance.