July 14, 2011KR BlogKR

Mix Tape: Potpourri (Hey, Alex Trebek gets away with it!)

Are dumbed-down rewrites of great literature gateway drugs to said literature, or are they just dumbed-down rewrites? Either way, I’m with Roger Ebert: The paraphrased Gatsby makes me squirm.

Sylvia Plath in your mohair cardigan? A Miami artist sews snippets of poems into thrift-store clothes.

U-S-A! U-S-A! Proof that James Brown may be a more effective motivator for athletes than poetry.

Take a walk on the wild side: Lou Reed takes on Edgar Allan Poe.

A poetry press for Beck? Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus (*dreamy sigh*) spills the beans.

Metaphor: “The frill is gone.” (Apologies to BB King for that one.)

Phone-a-poet! Check out this transcribed call between Salon.com culture blogger Emma Mustich and poet Heather Christle.