Mix Tape: Expect the Unexpected

A snarky review of a snarky review. Stay tuned to see if the chain of snark continues.

Your most famous book isn’t always your best one. Readers are only human.

A classic novel gets a sales boost from a celebrity baby. She’s soccer and Spice and everything nice…

Another one bites the dust.

When you were young and surly, listening to Sonic Youth and reading poetry (just me?), you probably never imagined this.

Push on this spine and revolve into a hidden room, an invisible library, the shelves lined with books that were never written.

1. Empty ash silos at a paper mill for half your life. 2. Get an MFA. 3. Write and publish damn fine fiction. (What are “Steps toward world domination,” Alex?)

George Saunders’ summer reading list for kids, including a beautifully illustrated picture book of Anton Chekhov’s Kashtanka. (Can we add this to the list, pretty please?)